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Get access to hundreds of retail priced sneakers, pre-orders, exclusive giveaways, raffles, discounts with our partners and more! We’re committed to ensuring our members get exclusive sneakers without the exclusive price tag.


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Our most popular member benefit - access to hundreds of retail priced sneakers every Sunday 6pm AEST!

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Want a stress free way to cop the latest sneakers? SoledOut offers all members retail and under market Pre-Orders.

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All members get access to our raffles for a chance to win some exclusive sneakers every week!

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Access discounts with our Partners. If you aren't copping and winning pairs you'll be saving money with our partners!

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Free Discord Group for all Members!

Want to learn how to start Reselling Sneakers? We not only provide Weekly Retail Sneaker Releases, Pre-Orders & Discounts with our Partners, we now have our very own Sneaker Discord Cook Group hosted by our Partners Serenity available to all our Members for FREE with the following features. 

  • OzBargain Deals Monitors

  • ACO Botting Services

  • Community Chat Channels

  • Sneaker Bot Slots 

  • Resources & Written Guides

  • Partnered Services Section

  • Private Marketplace

  • In-Store Releases

  • AU/NZ Raffle Monitors

  • Sneaker Restock Monitors

  • Nike Instore Monitors

  • In-House Exclusive Bulk Buys

  • 10+ Year Experienced Sellers

  • Console Restock Monitors


Nike Jordan 1 High Lost and Found

Releasing soon to members only for retail price ($250).

Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott Reverse Mocha

Releasing soon to members only for retail price ($240).

Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott Black Phantom

Releasing soon to members only for retail price ($240).

Jordan 1 Retro High

Off-White University Blue

Releasing soon to members only for retail price ($300).

Have a question? Get an answer below!

How do the retail releases work?

Every Sunday 6pm AEST we release hundreds of pairs to our members for retail price. We also have some mid week raffles/giveaways and releases. 

How are you able to offer sneakers for retail price?

We have a team of experienced sneaker botters who do all the hard work copping the sneakers which then gets offered to our members for retail price. We also have connections with retail stores which we have built up over 10+ years!

I'm a reseller, am I allowed to join?

Of course you can! it is our aim to assist new resellers in becoming established in the business as quickly as possible. The SoledOut membership program is open to everyone; resellers will increase their profits, and regular purchasers can get their hands on the shoes they want at a significantly reduced price.
What are my chances of getting pairs for retail price?
With SoledOut, your chances have never been better! Let us do the hard work of copping the sneakers & we will release them to you every Sunday. As long as you have a membership and our story notifications on, you'll have the best chance to cop every release.

Are all the pairs you sell authentic & brand new?

Yes, all our sneakers are 100% authentic and brand new. All of our stock is sourced directly from reputable retailers.

What sizes do you have?

Every Thursday & Friday we release a droplist which you'll be able to view all pairs and sizes which will be available during our Sunday releases. Usually, we cater to most sizes from US 6 - US 13.
Is this for Australia only?
No, we have recently expanded globally so it does not matter what country you are from, you'll still be able to cop sneakers for retail price!
What's the future plans for SoledOut?
While we can't reveal too much just yet, our team has some very big plans. We have big intentions to make this a worldwide phenomena. We want to establish a global network in order to develop our operations and deliver more value to our members!