Cancelling Your Membership

1. Memberships

SoledOut offers an ongoing subscription to the platform that is direct debited monthly until canceled. All SoledOut Trials will reoccur monthly after the trial period is over. The user must cancel before the trial period is over which must be done via email to This membership provides customers with unlimited time on the platform while their membership is active. Upgrading/Downgrading of memberships comes into effect on the next billing cycle. There are 3 subscription-based memberships for the SoledOut Platform/Service.

SoledOut Monthly - $29.99 every 1 month

SoledOut Quarterly - $79.99 every 3 months

SoledOut Yearly - $299.99 every 12 months

2. Cancelling Membership

Upon canceling your membership which must be done via email to will remove all future payments and cancel the plan once the current billing month/cycle is over. To cancel your membership you must send an email to with the following details:


Cancel My Plan


Your Name:

Your Email Address:

Reason for Cancellation:

Please Note: Cancelling your membership will mean that you will lose all of your accumulating monthly entries into our giveaways (you receive 1 extra entry for every month that you are subscribed).

Please allow up to 24-48 hours for a response.

Terminating your membership does not remove you from our mailing or text lists, these must be done via the associated links as they are sent via third parties.

As of 29/08/22 (invoice failure post this date) : If failure to pay the invoice your account will be canceled from all use of SoledOut. There are 5 automatic attempts made to bill your account. The system attempts every 1-3 days from initial payment failure. On the final attempt, if there are insufficient funds your subscription will be terminated.

Once a subscription is canceled Stripe does not allow for the reactivation of that subscription, so all accumulated history for that subscription is lost. If you want to continue your subscription please follow the instructions in the notification emails provided or register again.

Please note that the system only allows 5 attempts which is inclusive of administration manually attempting to charge the account.

SoledOut is not responsible if you do not cancel your plan in time before your billing cycle. You are urged to contact us at least 24-48 hours before your billing cycle is due for payment if you wish to cancel. Once a cancellation email has been sent, a SoledOut representative will reply with a follow up email which must be replied to in order to successfully cancel your plan.

In the event that you do forget to cancel your membership or do not reply to our follow up email, no refund will be given. Membership refunds will only be given if an administrative error occurs.

4. Termination of Account

You understand and agree that you have no ownership rights in your Account and SoledOut may stop offering the Service at any time. Further, SoledOut may cancel your Account, delete all of your Registration Information and any other information you have provided through the Site (collectively, User Content) associated with your Account at any time, without notice, for any reason or no reason including, without limitation, your violation of these terms and conditions.

SoledOut will not be liable for any damages or loss resulting from the removal of any User Content from the Site and/or the Service. You may cancel your Account at any time by contacting and cancellation will take effect once administration has processed. SoledOut reserves the right to temporarily or permanently restrict or block access to the Site and/or the Service to any users who have had their Accounts cancelled.

Any further queries, questions or concerns are urged to send an email to

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